Summary of currently loaded spend data for: HM Prison & Probation Service

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File name TotalAmt£ OrigRecs AggRecs     AvgAmt£ MaxAmt£           MinDate       MaxDate     Diff     Comment

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OrigRecs shows the number of records that were in the original source file.
AggRecs shows the number of records if aggregation has been used - similar transactions (eg for the same supplier in the same month with the same expenditure type etc) have been combined together to give a single record with a total amount and the date set to the first of the month. Typically this results in a 70% reduction in the number of records.
AvgAmt shows the average (mean) transaction value per original record in that file. One might expect this value to be roughly constant across files.
MaxAmt shows the value of the single largest transaction in that file. Note that errors may be reversed out by subsequent contrary transactions.
MinDate shows the earliest transaction date in that file. MaxDate shows the highest transaction date. Diff shows the difference in days.
Comment highlights significant potential anomalies - large increases/decreases in Total Amt or Avg Amt.

Acknowledgement: Spend data provided by this department has been re-used under the Open Government Licence.