The G-Cloud Programme is a central government initiative to assist UK public sector organisations to use cloud based ICT services.

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G-Cloud sales data is now part of the Digital Marketplace.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) is a similar framework and sales details and will be available on AppGov in the future.

The OJEU compliant G-Cloud and DOS frameworks allow services to be viewed and purchased through the Digital Marketplace online store.
If a service meets your requirements you can purchase it directly without having to run additional tenders or mini-competitions.

The G-Cloud framework has over 25,000 services from 2,700 companies in 3 categories - hosting, software and support and now also cyber security.

Current G-Cloud suppliers from the G-Cloud buyers' guide.

Eligible G-Cloud clients - current customer URN list (4MB xlsx download) or the older list of public sector organisations (now deprecated).

The current edition of the G-Cloud framework is G10. Previous editions expired on 2 July 2018. G11 is in progress.

There is a "Cloud First policy" for central government IT procurement with the wider public sector encouraged to follow a similar policy.

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