2013 Report details for project: Managed Motorways

Project name: Managed Motorways - there is only one report for this project
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Organisation: DFT (D9) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year: 2013 (data is from Sept 2012)
Category: Infrastructure - see all reports for this category
Description: This project is currently made up of eleven individual Managed Motorway (MM) road schemes which were announced by the Secretary of State in April 2011 to commence work during the Spending Review (SR) 10 period. A managed motorway uses a range of innovative technology combined with new operating procedures to actively control traffic flow. Techniques such as varying the speed limits (Controlled Motorways), opening up the hard shoulder to traffic or limiting access to the motorway from slip roads (“ramp metering”) when needed are features of managed motorways all designed make journey times more reliable, improve traffic flow and reduce congestion. Two further MM schemes were added to the SR10 programme in the Autumn Statement (November 2011). These will be added to the project during 2012/13 when the economic benefits have been fully assessed and baselined.
DCA (RAG): Amber/Green
DCA text: The schemes are on track to deliver on time and to budget.
Start date: 2011-10-31
End date: 2017-09-30
Schedule text: 3 key project milestones (start of works on 3 of the 11 schemes) have been achieved on schedule. Project end date is on target for Sept 2017.
Baseline: £219.19m
Forecast: £245.45m
Variance: 11.98%
Variance text: The 11 managed motorways schemes are being managed as a programme, together with 3 non-mm schemes. The original annual budget profile was based on forecast scheme costs and an indicative start of works schedule. In order to deliver 20% efficiency savings across the programme, flexibility in start dates was agreed in order to optimise the programme and deliver the savings. In year variances on this sub-set of the overall programme are therefore not necessarily a cause for concern, providing Departmental in-year budgets are not compromised.
Whole Life Cost: £1,431.27m
WLCost text: Budgets up to 2014/15 reflect the SR10 funding allocation which assume a 20% cost saving on approved scheme cost estimates. Current forecasts only include savings made to date, hence there will be variances between budget and forecast over the SR10 period which will reduce as efficiency savings are realised. Budgets beyond 2014/15 are not yet agreed but reflect the tail end costs of the schemes which will then be under construction.
Sourcefile: DFT_2013.csv

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