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Project name: NHS e-Referral Service - there are 6 reports for this project: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
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Organisation: DOH (D12) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year: 2014 (data is from Sept 2013)
Category: ICT - see all reports for this category
Description: This project is about the provision, development and implementation of a new NHS e-Referral Service (NHS e-RS) to succeed the existing Choose and Book service in line with NHS e-RS vision and a significant broader set of strategic drivers. The vision positions the new NHS e-Referral Service as a flagship programme to support paperless referrals and a paperless NHS by 2018, and as a centrepiece of NHS England’s response to the Government’s Digital First and transparency initiatives. The NHS e-RS project has the following scope. • Drive toward paperless referrals with necessary business change • Launch of new NHS e-Referral Service vision and sustained period of communications and stakeholder engagement • Software development, including: o Initial stage software development to re-platform o Future functional development post re-platform • A replacement national telephone Appointment Line function • Transition and exit from existing CAB and TAL services to new NHS e-RS, with ongoing live service operations and support for NHS e-RS • Programme and Service Management from HSCIC covering all aspects of delivery, including supporting business change, communications and stakeholder engagement.
DCA (RAG): Amber/Red
DCA text: A gateway 3 was undertaken on the 8-10 January 2014. The key outstanding actions relate to the review of programme governance, the recommendation to draw up a contingency strategy including go/no go milestone and to produce a delivery roadmap for NHS e-RS. In response to recommendations received the programme obtained Programme Board approval of a Contingency Strategy and updated the programme plan to include a series of go/no go milestones linked to the NHS e-RS initial phase development plan. The programme governance has also been reviewed and the governance structure revised. Actions are in progress and on track for completion and are being tracked to closure with the NHS e-RS Programme Team providing the SRO with assurance of progress via monthly Programme Board Highlight Reports.
Start date: 2012-03-29
End date: 2018-03-31
Schedule text: Q2 13/14 was the first time that NHS e-Referral Service appeared on GMPP. Milestones along the critical path are currently on schedule to be delivered , the project's end date remains 31 March 2018.
Baseline: £12.43m
Forecast: £12.43m
Variance: 0.00%
Variance text: Not applicable. There is no forecast variance.
Whole Life Cost: £212.03m
WLCost text: The cost presented in the NHS e-Referral Service OBC v0.4 business case was £131.2 million over 4.29 years; the cost currently approved by HM Treasury is £91.22 million over three years. HM Treasury approval of the NHS e-Referral Service OBC v0.4 was subject to a number of conditions. The NHS e-Referral Service programme began in 2013/14 hence no costs incurred pre-2013/14. Any costs incurred pre 2013/14 would be incorporated within the Choose and Book Variation project which completed on 15 December 2013. After this date, is where the expenditure on e-RS increases significantly due to supplier costs ramping up. 2013/14 is much lower than future years because from a supplier charges perspective, it is only a part year versus later years which are full. The £131.2 million figure excludes contingency and optimism bias and include irrecoverable VAT, inflation and depreciation. These costs cover Department of Health programme spend, HSCIC Admin spend and NHS England The Appointment Line spend. The forecast reflects costs identified to end of Mar 14 and in the longer term includes the recent review of admin costs across the funding period.
Sourcefile: IPA_2014.csv

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