2016 Report details for project: Wildcat Programme

Project name: Wildcat Programme - there are 6 reports for this project: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
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Organisation: MOD (D17) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year: 2016 (data is from Sept 2015)
Category: Military - see all reports for this category
Description: Wildcat has been developed to meet the twin requirements for a dedicated small helicopter for deployment in the Maritime (Surface Combatant Maritime Rotorcraft), and the Littoral and Land environments (Battlefield Reconnaissance Helicopter). Defence Equipment and Support is procuring the necessary aircraft to field and support the capability and the capital equipment to support the training service (primarily simulators, training facility and courseware). The remainder of the through life training and support services required are being provided through the related Wildcat Integrated Support and Training (WIST) contract which was let 26 January 2012. The infrastructure to support the move of Army Wildcat to RNAS Yeovilton from Germany and Dishforth is being delivered by the Wilcat Infrastructure Project (WINFRA). FLCs are providing the non-Equipment related DLODs (trained people, tactics and procedures, etc...).
DCA (RAG): Amber/Green
DCA text: Production continues as planned and the aircraft has been successfully deployed on the Atlantic Patrol Ship for 6 months and has achieved validation of its Littoral Manoeuvre capability. The training capability delivered by the Flight Simulators is expanding but remains subject to higher level management action and is expected to reach a high level of maturity by end 2016. The training has continued with reducing reliance on the aircraft. A recent independent assessment highlighted some minor areas of further work but overall raised no areas of concern for successful delivery of the programme.
Start date: 2001-12-01
End date: 2016-05-31
Schedule text: Initial Operating Capability has been declared for both Army and Navy Wildcat variants within planned timescales and progress continues on schedule towards delivery of the Full Operating Capabilities.
Baseline: £39.46m
Forecast: £39.46m
Variance: None%
Variance text: Budget variance less than 5%.
Whole Life Cost: £1,610.84m
WLCost text: The Wildcat Programme incorporates the procurement of the aircraft, some initial provisioning spares and training equipment (simulators and courseware). Support and other training-related costs are funded separately through the Wildcat Integrated Support and Training (WIST) contract.
Notes1: Budget variance less than 5%.
Sourcefile: IPA_2016.csv

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