2017 Report details for project: ISSC2

Project name: ISSC2 - there are 3 reports for this project: 2016, 2017, 2018
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Organisation: CO (D2) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year: 2017 (data is from Sept 2016)
Category: Transformation - see all reports for this category
Description: ISSC2 will transform back office operations by consolidating transactional services and by sharing HR, procurement, finance and payroll functions and processes, it will deliver more efficient and cost-effective services.The ethos behind this shared services model is to leverage skills and drive economic efficiency. The strategy is driven by the potential for financial savings in high volume, low risk and low complexity, less regulated work and streamlined systems and processes.The procurement phase of the ISSC2 project was completed on 31 October 2013, with 13 individual clients signing contracts with Shared Services Connected Limited (SSCL).SSCL is a joint venture between Steria (75%) and Government (25%) with a 7 year contract, and a 3 year option to extend. It has an ambitious strategy for growth, and signing contracts with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and Home Office (HO) represents a key milestone in its continued expansion to achieve its strategy. MoJ and HO joined as SSCL clients in November 2014.As well as delivering Business Process Services (BPS) to its clients, SSCL is also designing, building and implementing a Single Operating Platform (SOP) to further enable the drive towards standardising services offered by SSCL.
DCA (RAG): Amber
DCA text: SSCL continue to deliver a satisfactory BAU service. Across all customers, 95% of Key Performance Indicators and 99% of Service Level Agreements were passed. During 2016/17, DEFRA and MoJ have successfully migrated on to the Single Operating Platform (SOP). Plans to manage some transactions offsore have been successufully delivered after passing strigent security snd assurance gateways. In 2017/18 it is anticipated that DWP and Met Police will migrate onto SOP. Target dateswererevised at the start of the year and have been adhered to.
Start date: 2012-12-28
End date: 2015-04-30
Schedule text: The delivery schedule has been rephased during 2016/17 and adhered to. Potential options for enhancing the Single Operating Platform to benefit from the changing environment in digital technology services is currently being considered.
Baseline: £5.70m
Forecast: £5.70m
Variance: 0.00%
Variance text: Budget variance less than 5%
Whole Life Cost: £26.10m
WLCost text: The whole life costs cover the establishment of the Single Operating Platform.
Sourcefile: IPA_2017.csv

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