2017 Report details for project: Census Transformation Programme

Project name: Census Transformation Programme - there are 4 reports for this project: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
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Organisation: ONS (D303) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year: 2017 (data is from Sept 2016)
Category: Transformation - see all reports for this category
Description: The Census Transformation Programme will run from 2015 to 2025 and has been segmented into three clear objectives:- Delivery of the 2021 Census: research, development, implementation and operation of a 2021 online Census.- Integrated population statistics outputs: developing and implementing methods for enhancing 2021 outputs and producing new outputs before 2021.- Beyond 2021: Delivery of a recommendation to produce population, household and characteristic information currently provided by the online Census.The Programme will aim to maximise benefits by delivering benefits to ONS and the wider GSS through re-use of systems and services wherever it makes economic sense.
DCA (RAG): Amber
DCA text: 1. ONS requires greater clarity from HMT on the delegated authority limits for Programme financial allocation beyond the end of the Financial Year 2016/17 2. ONS Financial benefits, including cost avoidance benefits, are required to be updated following the progress the programme has made during 2016/17. 3. Lack of clarity on how data for the 2019 Rehearsal and 2021 Census will be processed Delivery Confidence Assessment status to GREEN will be achieved when: 1. HM Treasury provide delegated financial approval to cover the period from April 2017 to next the Programme Business Case (PBC) which is due to be approved by HMT by 31st October 2017. ONS Finance have written to HMT requesting formal confirmation of this approval 2. The CTP Benefits Strategy will be submitted for approval to the Programme Board on 6th February 2017. During Quarter 4 of 2016/17, work will focus on updating and quantifying ONS financial, including cost avoidance, benefits 3. There is clarity on processing of data for the 2019 Rehearsal and 2021 Census. The Discovery phase for this work is due to complete end January 2017 and will report to the ONS Design Authority on 13th February 2017 Successes: Between Quarter 2 2015/16 to Quarter 2 2016/17, there have been the following successes: • All the recommendations from Programme Initiation Review in Quarter 2 2015/16 have been implemented • Majority of IPA Gateway recommendations from Gateway Review in January 2016 have been implemented. The remaining recommendations will be completed by the end financial year 2016/17 • The successful recruitment of key delivery and programme roles has had a positive impact on programme delivery • The 2016 Test was successfully held and objectives achieved • Programme Business Case was approved on 4th August 2016 following a Treasury Approval Point panel on 21st June 2016
Start date: 2015-01-01
End date: 2025-03-31
Schedule text: Tranche 1 focussing on 2017 Test on schedule. Programme Assurance Review (PAR) was held on 17-19 January 2017 (overall Amber Assessment) and GDS Assessment (Successful) held January 2017.
Baseline: £36.03m
Forecast: £36.03m
Variance: 0.00%
Variance text: 'Budget variance less than 5%
Whole Life Cost: £905.76m
WLCost text: The Quarter 2 return was based on the Programme Business Case approved by HMT on 4th August 2016 following a Treasury Approval Point panel on 21st June 2016 . Therefore, the Whole Life Costs (WLC) estimates had been subject to a rigorous internal and external assessment.
Sourcefile: IPA_2017.csv

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