2018 Report details for project: InterCity Express Programme (IEP)

Project name: InterCity Express Programme (IEP) - there are 7 reports for this project: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
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Organisation: DFT (D9) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year: 2018 (data is from Sept 2017)
Category: Infrastructure - see all reports for this category
Description: Intercity Express (IEP) will renew the UK's high speed train fleet on the Great Western and East Coast. Through franchise competitions IEP is a key means to deliver the passenger benefits from the associated upgrades including more capacity improved reliability reduced journey times and better environmental performance from London to other major terminus in the UK offering through-trains from non-electrified lines without the need to change or attach a locomotive. The order creates over 730 jobs at a new train factory at Newton Aycliffe.
DCA (RAG): Red
DCA text: The risks to the Intercity Express Programme (IEP) delivery schedule that were flagged in the IPA Delivery Confidence Assessment (DCA) have been managed robustly and the Department achieved successful delivery of the first trains into service in October 2017. Steps are being taken to improve the rollout backlog. A weekly Taskforce and fortnightly Delivery Board was implemented to oversee the delivery of the first bi-mode trains on the Great Western Mainline (GWML) and this has been replicated for the East Coast Mainline fleet delivery.
Start date: 2005-06-01
End date: 2020-02-06
Schedule text: The first trains entered into service in October 2017 on the Great Western Main Line. Intercity Express Programme trains are due to enter service on the East Coast Main Line (ECML) towards the end of 2018. Lessons learned on the GWML fleet introduction are being applied to the ECML fleet delivery to ensure smooth rollout. Steps are being taken to ensure that IEP implementation is a core requirement in the East Coast Franchise discussions.
Baseline: £224.90m
Forecast: £242.80m
Variance: 8.00%
Variance text: The variance is due to the Department agreeing to a design change converting the GWML electric fleet to bi-mode operation and to adapt depot and station infrastructure to allow for bi-mode operation. The cost for bi-mode conversion is being realised in 2017-18 financial year.
Whole Life Cost: £6,679.25m
WLCost text: The total cost of £6.7bn are financed via PFI payments over 27.5 years and £480m on Network Rail enhancements to facilitate Intercity Express Train operations. The increase to Whole Life Cost (WLC) is a result of contractual variations, the bi-mode conversion and the operating costs over four years. These operating costs, funded by the Department, will reduce as electrification on the Great Western Main Line (GWML) advances.
Notes1: Intercity Express Programme
Sourcefile: IPA_2018.csv

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