2018 Report details for project: IT Transformation Programme

Project name: IT Transformation Programme - there are 3 reports for this project: 2015, 2017, 2018
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Organisation: NCA (PB558) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year: 2018 (data is from Sept 2017)
Category: ICT - see all reports for this category
Description: IT Transformation is one of three programmes that together comprise NCA Transformation, which seeks to move the Agency from a legacy IT estate to a modern environment that will support the NCA's technology and information needs, realising the vision of the programme - “Create a cutting edge technology and information environment that connects, empowers and enhances our officers’ crime fighting capabilities”.
DCA (RAG): Amber
DCA text: Following the ITTP Gateway 2 Review in April, the IPA completed a follow up of Action Plan review in September, The review team noted demonstrable progress had been made against all recommendations resulting in the closure of a number of recommendations. The delivery confidence for extant elements of the programme remains Amber/red. Following approval from IPA that the NCA Change Portfolio will be the sole programme registered with GMPP so all outstanding actions will be managed by the Change Portfolio.
Start date: 2016-04-01
End date: 2022-07-31
Schedule text: The schedule of work remains on track
Baseline: £38.80m
Forecast: £38.80m
Variance: 0.00%
Variance text: Budget variance less than 5%
Whole Life Cost: £167.68m
WLCost text: IT Transformation Programme WLC is sub-set of the NCA Transformation Programme WLC, which has reduced by £2.5m since the 2016/17 estimate as a result of efficiencies in actual project identified during the implementation in 2017/18. £1m of this reduction is attributed to the WLC of IT Programme.
Sourcefile: IPA_2018.csv

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