2013 Report details for project: MoJ Shared Services Evolve (SS Evolve) Programme

Project name: MoJ Shared Services Evolve (SS Evolve) Programme - there are 6 reports for this project: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
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Organisation: MOJ (D18) - see all reports for this organisation
Report year: 2013 (data is from Sept 2012)
Category: ICT - see all reports for this category
Description: The MoJ Shared Services Programme will deliver a transformation in the approach to the provision of back office services in MoJ. The Programme will establish a single professional MoJ Shared Services Organisation, supported by a best fit Enterprise Resource Platform (ERP) and associated technology stack, providing HR, Payroll, Finance, and Requisition to Pay transactional services initially to in scope MoJ Departments and ALBs with potential for further expansion to encompass Other Government Departments (OGDs). Through rationalising the existing disparate back office teams and systems into the single MoJ Shared Services Organisation the programme will deliver cost reductions and service improvements in back office services across MoJ that support Coalition efficiency & savings targets and the aims of the wider MoJ’s Transforming Justice agenda.
DCA (RAG): Red
DCA text: The programme submitted a revised Full Business Case (FBC) to Cabinet Office in October 12. Following feedback from CO the FBC has been updated and a further submission to CO and HM Treasury will be made in March 13. In revising the FBC the MoJ team has been working with suppliers to assess options to reduce the costs to complete the programme. The programme has completed a restructure and has made new appointments to the leadership team to ensure that individuals with relevant experience and skills are in place to drive the current stage of the programme.
Start date: 2009-07-01
End date: 2013-06-07
Schedule text: The programme completed Phase 1 (HR services transformation) to schedule in June 2011. At the commencement of Phase 2 (New ERP design, build and deploy) in 2011 the programme was forecasting an initial deployment in late 2012 and completion of deployment in 2013. The need to review MoJ client department change requests and issues encountered regarding the progress of the application design and infrastructure design for the new ERP system mean that it will not now be possible to complete deployment before 2014. Contracts for existing MoJ ERP systems have been extended to December 2014 in recognition of the delay in the programme deployment dates.
Baseline: £42.94m
Forecast: £58.94m
Variance: 37.26%
Variance text: Due to slippage in the programme timelines costs originally forecast for 2011/12 were reprofiled into 2012/13. This was the main reason for the cost variance reported in the Q2 GMPP return. The programme has recently been working on a revised Full Business Case which will be submitted to Cabinet Office and HM Treasury in March 2013. Due to delays in the programme deployment dates costs for the deployment of the new ERP system have risen. The programme has therefore been reviewing alternative lower cost options as part of the business case submission. A pause in development activity has also been implemented whilst the business case options are being assessed.
Whole Life Cost: £127.09m
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Notes1: MoJ Shared Services
Sourcefile: MOJ_2013.csv

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