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211 records found
Name▲RegionTypeCodeSpend data
NHS North Kirklees CCGNorthCCG03J
NHS North Lincolnshire CCGNorthCCG03K
NHS North Manchester CCGNorthCCG01M
NHS North Norfolk CCGMidlands and EastCCG06V
NHS North Somerset CCGSouthCCG11T
NHS North Staffordshire CCGMidlands and EastCCG05G
NHS North Tyneside CCGNorthCCG99C
NHS North West Surrey CCGSouthCCG09Y
NHS North, East, West Devon CCGSouthCCG99P
NHS Northumberland CCGNorthCCG00L
NHS Norwich CCGMidlands and EastCCG06W
NHS Nottingham City CCGMidlands and EastCCG04K
NHS Nottingham North & East CCGMidlands and EastCCG04L
NHS Nottingham West CCGMidlands and EastCCG04M
NHS Oldham CCGNorthCCG00Y
NHS Oxfordshire CCGSouthCCG10Q
NHS Portsmouth CCGSouthCCG10R
NHS Redbridge CCGLondonCCG08N
NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove CCGMidlands and EastCCG05J
NHS Richmond CCGLondonCCG08P
NHS Rotherham CCGNorthCCG03L
NHS Rushcliffe CCGMidlands and EastCCG04N
NHS Salford CCGNorthCCG01G
NHS Sandwell and West Birmingham CCGMidlands and EastCCG05L
NHS Scarborough and Ryedale CCGNorthCCG03M
NHS Sheffield CCGNorthCCG03N
NHS Shropshire CCGMidlands and EastCCG05N
NHS Slough CCGSouthCCG10T
NHS Solihull CCGMidlands and EastCCG05P
NHS Somerset CCGSouthCCG11X
NHS South Cheshire CCGNorthCCG01R
NHS South Devon and Torbay CCGSouthCCG99Q
NHS South East Staffs and Seisdon and Peninsular CCGMidlands and EastCCG05Q
NHS South Eastern Hampshire CCGSouthCCG10V
NHS South Gloucestershire CCGSouthCCG12A
NHS South Kent Coast CCGSouthCCG10A
NHS South Lincolnshire CCGMidlands and EastCCG99D
NHS South Manchester CCGNorthCCG01N
NHS South Norfolk CCGMidlands and EastCCG06Y
NHS South Reading CCGSouthCCG10W

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