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211 records found
Name▲RegionTypeCodeSpend data
NHS South Sefton CCGNorthCCG01T
NHS South Tees CCGNorthCCG00M
NHS South Tyneside CCGNorthCCG00N
NHS South Warwickshire CCGMidlands and EastCCG05R
NHS South West Lincolnshire CCG Midlands and EastCCG04Q
NHS South Worcestershire CCGMidlands and EastCCG05T
NHS Southampton CCGSouthCCG10X
NHS Southend CCGMidlands and EastCCG99G
NHS Southern Derbyshire CCGMidlands and EastCCG04R
NHS Southport and Formby CCGNorthCCG01V
NHS Southwark CCGLondonCCG08Q
NHS St Helens CCGNorthCCG01X
NHS Stafford and Surrounds CCGMidlands and EastCCG05V
NHS Stockport CCGNorthCCG01W
NHS Stoke on Trent CCGMidlands and EastCCG05W
NHS Sunderland CCGNorthCCG00P
NHS Surrey Downs CCGSouthCCG99H
NHS Surrey Heath CCGSouthCCG10C
NHS Sutton CCGLondonCCG08T
NHS Swale CCGSouthCCG10D
NHS Swindon CCGSouthCCG12D
NHS Tameside and Glossop CCGNorthCCG01Y
NHS Telford & Wrekin CCGMidlands and EastCCG05X
NHS Thanet CCGSouthCCG10E
NHS Thurrock CCGMidlands and EastCCG07G
NHS Tower Hamlets CCGLondonCCG08V
NHS Trafford CCGNorthCCG02A
NHS Vale of York CCGNorthCCG03Q
NHS Vale Royal CCGNorthCCG02D
NHS Wakefield CCG NorthCCG03R
NHS Walsall CCGMidlands and EastCCG05Y
NHS Waltham Forest CCGLondonCCG08W
NHS Wandsworth CCGLondonCCG08X
NHS Warrington CCGNorthCCG02E
NHS Warwickshire North CCGMidlands and EastCCG05H
NHS West Cheshire CCGNorthCCG02F
NHS West Essex CCGMidlands and EastCCG07H
NHS West Hampshire CCGSouthCCG11A
NHS West Kent CCGSouthCCG99J
NHS West Lancashire CCGNorthCCG02G

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